I Wish You All This Kind of Love

I have written before about my friend Tricia. She is my best friend from first grade and one of the people I admire most in life. Most recently, I told you about her pregnancy with twin boys!! And her mother’s battle with cancer. She has also learned that one of her boys has a heart condition that willl require three surgeries before he is two. If all goes well, he should be a happy healthy boy after that, but the next two and a half years will be a trying time for them.

I just received an e-mail from one of Tricia’s friends, and thought it was so wonderful that I wanted to post it here. We should all be so lucky to have a friend who is so special that this is the sort of love they are given in return.

Dear Friend of Tricia and Scott:

Last Saturday a couple of us went to Scott and Tricia’s home to share our support as they focus on the growth and strength of their twin boys. Having experienced the love shared by Tricia and Scott and having received their love, a couple of us wanted to do something for them in addition to our prayers for strong hearts and loads of love for their children.

We presented them with a bright heart container and told them it will be full of blessings from others. This is where you come in. Over the next 20 weeks of their pregnancy, send them cards to let them know you are thinking of their family and sending prayers and blessings of health and love.

Won’t it be wonderful for Tricia and Scott to look back over the cards of love when the twins walk off to kindergarten? Drive off on their first date? Walk across the high school graduation stage?

I hope you will partake in filling the heart container with your sentiments of love.

Many thanks,



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