Febreeze Is The Bastard Child of Super Man and She-Ra

In the news today…Did you notice that tiny little smiley face in the upper right hand corner or my blog?? Cause, uh, huh??

In other news, On Fat Tuesday, my friends and I visited a local watering hole for a few luscious beverages. I wore a pair of jeans for the three hour endeavor.

This morning, I decided I needed to wear THAT pair of jeans to work (because we are all casual like that) but when I picked them up (they MAY have been on the floor of my room laying across the suitcase that has been sitting there for Ohhh, two weeks…) I realized they reeked of stale smoke. No problem, I thought! I have Febreeze! Febreeze to the rescue!!

I am now sitting in my office with cartoon skunk stink swirls rolling off my lap and directly to my nose, full of stale smoke AND Febreeze. It’s yummy.

Note to Self: You are no longer allowed to shortcut with the Febreeze.


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