The Hotness Revisited–Dream Style…

Went to the Immunologist today. She is completely perplexed too. But she was very nice, and interested in the whole problem. She also is sending me to get a bunch of blood tests done to rule some things out. So tomorrow morning, I will be givin’ up the life juice to the Quest Diagnostics overlords.

In other, more amusing news, I had a wild dream last night. I was once again on The Amazing Race, but this time not only did I have a partner, I had Wentworth Miller for a partner! No shit! It was awesome! And at one point, to tell me how he felt about me without it being on camera–because apparently in dream world you can’t see things that are written in big black permanent marker on camera–he wrote on the back of a menu, “I LIKE YOU!”

YES!! Wentworth Miller Likes me!!!

God, I love dream world!

(And please don’t tell me how Wentworth Miller is gay because I won’t listen until I actually hear it from him!! He’s a straight, gorgeous, smart, hotty pototy until I learn otherwise!)

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