The Trials and Tribulations of Winter

For weeks, I have been craving winter. Real cold, real snow, or even some sleet. The stuff that I grew up with.

And I got it!

A whole week of W-I-N-T-E-R! And I am loving it! I love having to wear a coat, and gloves, and snuggling under blankets, and the tip of my nose feeling frosty. It’s wonderful!

But there is one thing I had managed to forget from my childhood. One thing I would be happy to live without…

Cold toilet seats!! Oh my God! My downstairs bathroom is on an outside wall, and man that toilet is cold! It’s like sitting on an ice throne!

THAT, Mother Nature can have back.


One response to “The Trials and Tribulations of Winter

  1. well im happy for you that you have snow in texas sooner than here in holland. 🙂 we havent had a single drop this year, the alpes have no snow at all!! Actually we were having the worst storms in a decade this week. It was really bad…and temperatures that would rather be texan this time of year, we are having friggin’ 60F since Christmas… Ohwell… I’m surviving it… haha. enjoy your snowball fights!!

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