And Dallas Came To a Halt. Again.

What a mess. Last night this was the exchange on the local news station:

Meteorologist: Well, looks like we will have some flurries tomorrow! Nothing too bad, but maybe some pretty snowflakes!

Anchor Chick: Oh, ho, ho…snow flurries!

Anchor Dude: Kids! Get ready for some snow!!

Meteorologist: Oh, well…No, we won’t have enough snow to close schools. Sorry kids. Just some flurries. No big deal…hahaha!

Um, meteorologist dude? You really need a refresher course. First of all, the crazy ice storm we were supposed to get Sunday didn’t happen, and now the non-event we were supposed to have today has turned into a sleet-filled (not snow, buddy) mess.

Dallas? You have WAY too many bridges, overpasses and ramps.

Sand trucks? Get to work!! You are really behind, folks!

One response to “And Dallas Came To a Halt. Again.

  1. amee (fellow

    fellow dallasite,
    it’s the closest thing we had to a snow day…i took the day off…

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