Dreams Are a Window Into The Mind…Right?

I ALSO wanted to tell you about a dream I had. A very telling dream. Last night I won The Amazing Race! I was so excited! (Now here’s the part I am going to pretend is not telling but is rather simply a sign of all the people around me who are in this state, and I keep hearing about it so it came out in my dream…) I was one week from my wedding when I learned I had won The Amazing Race! Oh Happy Joy, Joy! I set out to tell people the good news, and along the way realized I now had extra money for the wedding! My mind began spinning with what to change at the last minute with the wedding plans. Of course, I came to the conclusion that I would change the food! I changed it from normal wedding fare to a plated dinner with extravagant foods like lobster and filet mignon dripping in sauces that my mind created to be the best and most delicious in the world! Because yes, if I could change anything at my fictitious wedding, it would be the vast quantities of food.

Anyway, after I decided upon the wedding changes, I went to tell my parents the good news. Both of them had a surprisingly distant attitude to my good fortune. My mother was dismissive and irritatingly unconcerned, and my father was so engrossed in his television program that the most response I got from him was “what’s The Amazing Race?” and “Em. That’s nice.” (This may be particularly telling about how I feel my parents are responding to me lately…)

I plugged on though, and went about planning what to do with the money. It occurred to me immediately that I could finally quit my job and do what I wanted without fear of a foreclosure on my home. I could be a freelance writer and photographer.

Even in my dreams it’s what I want to do. Now the only question is how to set about obtaining that goal without my half of The Amazing Race’s $1,000,000…


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