I’m Pretending It’s a White Christmas…

We had a snow day today!

Sort of…We had snow, and sleet, and ice, and rain…and I got to leave work at 3:00.

That extra couple of hours gave me a lot of time, actually. I managed to get most of my Christmas cards done (the core really important ones, anyway…) and fixed my Christmas lights outside.

Apparently, when an outdoor timer says it’s an outdoor timer, they don’t really mean it. They just mean it can be outside as long as it doesn’t get damp. Not wet. Just damp is all that’s required…Apparently, they aren’t so waterproof. At four in the morning, flashing light woke me up. At first, I thought it was car headlights, but no, it was my lighted reindeer. They were flashing on and off. When they should have been off.

They went off, and stayed off, but when I was leaving for work I went to check on the timer, and found it clouded with water droplets. It died. So, I spent twenty dollars on the only timer out of six different outdoor timers that actually said it was WaterPROOF. And had a rain guard. We will see how this one works. I am not sure how you can sell a timer as an outdoor timer and not make it waterproof, but apparently, I am ignorant on the topic!


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