A Red Velvet Thanksgiving!

Every year, my company has a Thanksgiving dinner for our employees. The company buys the Turkeys (four this year!) and some sides, and every else brings a dish. There is A LOT of food! This year, I decided to give cupcakes another go. I really wanted to make them look like mums but when I opened my new pack of icing tips I realized I didn’t have the right one. I also couldn’t get the icing as dark as I wanted! Anyone know how to make deep colors with icing?? But in any case, I posted the pictures to my flickr account so head on over and take a look! They are red velvet cupcakes!

Thanksgiving cupcake


2 responses to “A Red Velvet Thanksgiving!

  1. What kind of food coloring are you using? If you pick up some paste/gel food coloring you can get more intense colors. A little goes a long way, and it stains something awful, but with some toothpicks you can keep it off your fingers. It’s what I use when I want REAL color.

    I don’t think you can buy it at the grocery store, but check the craft store with the cake decorating supplies or go to a bakery specialty store.

  2. I used gel. 😦 I actually found it at Super Target. It was in little squeeze tubes. I used little tubs of it for the halloween cupcakes. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the tubs are better.

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