I Will Defend My Car!

I forgot to do my defensive driving class.

I got a ticket nearly three months ago, and was supposed to do defensive driving to remove the ticket from my record (as Texas so kindly allows for). At about midnight last night I remembered this. In my head I was pretty certain I had to get it taken care of by November 22. Somehow I didn’t realize that date was so close. It just doesn’t see possible that Thanksgiving is this week! I scrambled around my house looking for the ticket and accompanying information from the court, digging through papers and cabinets. Finally, I found it, saw the ticket date was August 22, and panicked. I got online and started to figure out how the heck I could get this taken care of in time. It was going to be close, but with overnight shipping, I thought I could do it. As I was registering for the online class that I figured I would be up all night working on, I noticed a line on my paperwork from the court highlighted in blue.

Certificate Must Reflect Class Completion and Must be Returned to Court Clerk ON OR BEFORE
December 4, 2006

I think I almost keeled over with glee in that moment. Some wise, wise government official realized the state is full of idiots like me, and allowed us three months from the date we first appear before the court clerk to pay our fine, rather than three months from the date of the ticket. Thank goodness I had procrastinated on getting to the court clerk to begin with!
I did the online defensive driving class, and I have to say, it wasn’t that bad. It is paced so even a 3rd grader can read everything, so there was a lot of lag time, because they time each session and make you wait for the timer to run out before moving on, but in those lags, I just worked on some things for work on my laptop (while I took the class on my desktop!).

The one thing I found quite amusing was that in the nine years since I last had a ticket, and thus, last had to take defensive driving, they have not changed the videos they make you watch. I cannot believe this state hasn’t made enough money off of our tickets to film some new material! The films are literally from the 80’s with men in teal blue pants, yellow shirts, and preppy comb-overs and women with tightly permed balls of frizz atop their heads. On the plus side, I actually must have paid attention the first time I watched them because I hardly had to watch them to know exactly what was going on.

In any case, it was rather painless, and before I knew it, it was done. The dreaded defensive driving was done. I am now certified as a Defensive Driver. Or something like that.


One response to “I Will Defend My Car!

  1. Stacyhttp://snarkwife.com

    Yay! Discount on your auto insurance! I did the online defensive driving class back in 2000. The place had been in business for about three days when I signed up. 😉

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