Mixin’ it Up

Football sucks.

The Florida loss and of course the Texas loss absolutely blew last night.

In other news, I bit the bullet and bought a Kitchen Aid mixer today…FYI, they are price-fixed. I looked several places and searched online and they are priced exactly the same everywhere. That did however, let me buy the mixer at Target, where I will have a 90 day return policy. Something I personally love!

I had planned on making some cookies with the new mixer and even got peanut butter and chocolate chips to put in them but then I realized I didn’t have enough flour…These are the days I wish I knew my neighbors…”Hi! Oh, great, thanks! How ’bout you? Super! Uh, so could I borrow a cup of flour? Thanks!”

Oh well. Guess I will make them tomorrow. Maybe I will let you know my secret ingredient!


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