I Voted, But They Didn’t Give Me a Sticker

I voted! I voted in my Red State. In my state where my opinions don’t really count. Well, it doesn’t count on a state level anyway. Every single state office was filled with a Republican. Even the State Agriculture Commissioner, who’s opponent was a Democrat yes, but a Democrat who is actually still in the business of agriculture, which in my eyes seemed like a good background to be the Agriculture Commissioner…but like I said…Red State. This state is not as Red as it thinks it is, though. All of the State level races were rather close with only about a 10% difference in votes.

And Rick Perry did not win with a mandate. If you aren’t from Texas, you may or may not have heard about our Gubenatorial race. We had an interesting one that included two very well funded independants, and a weak Democrat. Only in Texas could you have a candidate like this. Unfortunately, those two independant candidates appear to have pulled votes away from Chris Bell, the Democrat. Perry only won with 38%, and Bell was not that far behind with 30%. Kinky and Grandma Strayhorn took a combined 31% of the votes. That means 61% of this state had no interest in Perry for Governor. 61%!! You’ve gotta wonder what would have happened if we had had just one less candidate.

I will give my little part of the state credit, though. My vote wasn’t entirely wasted here. Dallas County tends to lean Democrat, and this election was no different. My county voted for Chris Bell with 39% of the votes, to Perry’s 35%. They also elected Democrats to every single lower court judge’s position, and many of the local government positions.

At this point you are probably thinking, dude, she’s a Democrat. But I would like to clarify something that seems to be a growing trend in this state, and this country. I am not a Democrat, but I am not a Republican. I have never affiliated myself with either party, because I have never agreed entirely with either party. This is something that seems to be a growing sentiment. Many people didn’t vote for Democrats because they were Dems, but rather because they weren’t Republicans.

A vote against is just as valid as a vote for.

But it brings up an interesting problem. There is a large part of this country (and this state) that do not feel as though their views are accurately represented in Washington. The Democrats are too liberal, the Republicans too conservative, and no one is riding the middle where the vast majority of Americans reside.

Why is it that we have but two choices? Why are there not more Kinky’s and Carol Keaton-Strayhorns?

As much as I believe a vote against a candidate is a valid vote, it will never give the voter the satisfaction they are looking for. They still aren’t represented by a candidate with their views.

This country needs a fiscally conservative, socially liberal party. We don’t have one, and it is creating a great amount of discontent among voters. I truly believe if we had a strong party of that sort, the vast majority of Americans would fall into it.

Perhaps a shift is possible. History suggests it is. I just hope it happens in time to affect my life.


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