A Rockin’ Weekend

Back from Austin (where I mobile blogged from yesterday)…I had a great time! AWESOME time! The Architect was awesome! We went to Wurstfest in New Braunfels on Friday night. I should have brought my camera, but I forgot it. It was a blast! Wurstfest is an Octoberfest type of festival, and the basic idea is drink beer, eat sausage, drink beer, dance, then drink beer. I got rather intoxicated! And then, THEN, after I was already commenting on my intoxication, The Architect found a quarter, and challenged me to a game of Quarters! Quarters must have been his major in college because the boy never missed…and I was practically chugging my beer to keep up! I am CERTAIN he wasn’t trying to get me drunk because I already was! 😉

Saturday, I dragged him to the Co-op so that I could buy some Christmas presents. After the Co-op craziness, we headed to the tailgate which was full of beer, jello shots, food and washer tossing games…5 hours of tailgating later, we headed to the game. Exhausted from the tailgating, we wound up leaving the game in the third quarter, but we had a great time.

Overall, the weekend was really good! The Architect keeps pleasantly surprising me, and I just feel so calm and comfortable when he’s around. After an entire weekend together, I still want to see him again as soon as possible. If I hadn’t had to get ready for the HGTV shoot, I would have hung out with him the rest of the day today. Just say this much though, makes me worried I will jinx things, so cross your fingers for us! Oh and wish me luck on the TV shoot!…No, better yet, wish me good make-up and camera slimming clothing!!

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