Post #1 NaBloPoMo

This post officially starts my attempt at NaBloPoMo!

Last night I went to The Architect’s house for dinner and some Halloween Goodness. Did I tell you? His house is awesome. I mean totally awesome! He may live 25 minutes away but for once, I don’t really mind the drive, because at the end of it is a lovely house to hang out in instead of a gross boy-ick-ified abode. That just rocks my world! Oh, and he can cook. And while he cooked, I carved a pumpkin, because I have been dying to do so for like a month! And I used a stencil for the first time. The stencil pretty much rocked. The pumpkin came out really cute! I will post pictures as soon as I get them. We took them with his camera, so I have to wait for him to send them to me.

I also got to hand out candy to little kids for the first time in years! I used to love doing that! My mom and I would cover the double front doors with black plastic, and cut slits in it at appropriate heights. Then I would paint my arms evil witch green and put on evil witch black fingernails, and hand out candy through the slits…it used to scare the crap out of the little kids!!

There was one thing that we thought was weird though…When did parents start asking for candy, too?? Two or three times, the parents had bags for candy, too! Uh…Whaaa?? I mean seriously. Trick or Treating is for kids! I don’t even really like it when teenagers are Trick or Treating! (Mostly because they don’t even bother getting dressed up a lot of the time. I mean, if I am going to give you candy, you’d better have spent some time on a costume!)

The little kids were SO cute though!! They’d waddle up in their princess, or Ninja Turtle (I couldn’t believe they are still around and costume worthy!!), or Piglet costumes and say weakly, “Trick or Treat?” and look up at this stranger who they normal are taught to not talk to and wait for the stranger to give them candy that they normally aren’t allowed to take and then quietly say, “Thank you,” as their parents watched on from a few feet away, often with cameras flashing the scene into memories.

It was a good night. I hope yours was fun too!


One response to “Post #1 NaBloPoMo

  1. Stacy

    That was why we quit giving out candy…a good 80% of the folks who showed up at our house were older teenagers or grownups – can you believe that?

    Glad you had a good time last night!

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