The State Fair

Saturday I went to the Texas State Fair for the first time. I have been before to watch The Texas/OU game but we never gave more than a cursory look at the fair because we had football to watch, and quite honestly, football will always beat a fried Snickers bar on a stick!

But Saturday I went with The Architect. We had a blast! I tried the Fried Mac and Cheese (which was actually pretty decent) and The Architect FINALLY found a Corny Dog for himself (they were in seriously short supply for a fair!!) and we rode rides and looked at crafts (which have suspiciously been taken over by Asian importers hocking cheap sunglasses and tacky purses) and wandered through the car show (which had far too few concept cars!!)

The architect even indulged my inner photographer and let me snap away. I posted the best pics on flickr…Take a look by clicking on the picture below (and try to view them in their larger forms…many of them are much better that way). P.S. To view them in order, view the State Fair Set instead of just my photo stream…

The Midway


3 responses to “The State Fair

  1. Stacy

    You know, I’ve only been to the state fair twice in the last 9 years. The first time was in ’98 – went with my mom – the 2nd time was…sometime between then and now, but Seth and I just walked through it on our way to see Phantom of the Opera, so I guess that doesn’t count.

    What’s your detailed review of the fried mac & cheese?

  2. I was thrilled to go to my first Texas State Fair this year!

    I didn’t ever see fried Mac and Cheese, but rest assured I had my very own corn dog, and shared many fried goods including green tomatoes, funnel cake, and a flipping Twinkie!

    I can’t wait to check it out again next year!

  3. Not a bad idea for a post Stacy…I may just do that!

    Sarah, the Fried Mac and Cheese was only at one place. Where were the Fried Green Tomatoes?? I LOVE those! I think I will have to go back next year too…I had a good time.

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