Lookin’ Good!

The patio looks great! I will try to remember to take a couple pics when I get home tonight. It’s going to be really pretty once I get some flowers in! I was also thinking I might make part of it a little veggie garden. I know that won’t be the prettiest looking border to a patio, but I think it might be fun to have some basil, maybe some peppers, and some lettuce and such planted. And I am darn tired of having my herbs planted in pots. I want the sprinklers to water them!! lol…

I also sprayed the Cutter Bug Free Backyard last night. That stuff is amazing! It controls mosquitos!! It says it lasts for one month, but the last time I sprayed it was for Jenny’s party around July 8th. And I JUST started noticing (CRAZY amounts of) mosquitos about a week ago. So that’s a good 2 months that it lasted. And it’s cheap and super easy to use. Just attach it to the hose turn on the water and spray! Then stay off the lawn until it dries. (I always wait a day to be safe, but it’s safe for kids and pets when it dries.) And there are seriously, NO mosquitos! So anyway, as of tonight, I can sit on my beautiful new patio and ponder the world in front of my firepit…

Now I just need to:

Buy a grill
Make a flower bed
Plant the flowers
Fill in the gaps under the fence (where Luka likes to sneak out of the yard)

Then move it inside to:
Frame my master bathroom mirror
Have the master bathroom tiled
Regrout (with silicone putty) the shower edge
Scrape off the Popcorn ceiling in my kitchen
Replace the kitchen lights
Replace the dining room chandelier
Hang a fan in the loft
Replace all the track lighting
Replace the front door light
Replace the light by the garage

Hmmm…I should be busy for a while, huh?


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