I May Need This Tonight…

…Or, my friends who are chauffering me around for my birthday may need it!!

The iBreathe…It seems cheezy at first, but ya know, for $50?? Maybe it’s not a bad idea…
It connects to your iPod and can read your blood alcohol level to within .o1 BAC…So I guess to be safe, if it says .08 you shouldn’t test it and drive…but that’s probably not a bad idea anyway.


Via Dylan…who’s back!!

2 responses to “I May Need This Tonight…

  1. Stacyhttp://snarkwife.blogspot.com

    I think I need one of those for sitting around the house & drinking wine in the evenings…if I hit .08, then I can start blogging.

    And…I’ve now decided I want the Blogger beta!!!! Love the new labels feature!

  2. careful with those things. a friend of mine bought one and we tested it and it was way off. I was sober and blew above a .o8 (or maybe my blood has officially turned into alcohol). It was always giving readings that were obviously wrong. Anyhow, dont trust it. If you get pulled over, its results will not hold up in court.


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