Fingertips of Death

For the last two weeks I have been a cranky, snappy, pain in the ass at work. My computers, Eric and Charles, have made my life a living hell. Creating problem after problem, which are still not entirely resolved. Something is still causing Charles to have issues on start up; I am still waiting for a replacement copy of MS Office XP to be shipped to me so that I can reinstall it properly and maybe have Outlook run correctly AND use MS Word as my e-mail editor; I am still waiting for a replacement wireless connector to be sent to me to replace the one that isn’t working with my only 6 month old wireless mouse and keyboard…oh did I tell you about that? Yes, apparently when my power supply went, it did something to my wireless connector, and since I have only had it for a few months, they are sending me a replacement…that will take two WEEKS to get here.

And, until a few minutes ago, I couldn’t get iTunes to load properly. It would crash at the end of the install everytime. Thank goodness Apple has better forums than Microsoft. Several people were having the same problems I was. Apparently, the solution is to load an independent copy of Quicktime (versus the one that comes with iTunes) then install iTunes. Who the heck figures this stuff out??

So now I have music. I haven’t had music in two weeks. It’s fabulous! It’s actually making me happier. Work isn’t quite as taxing with some music.

Oh, did I mention my iPod is having issues too? I think my iPod should be named Izzie. Izzie has acquired Charles and Eric’s proclivity for making my life feel like a papercut–irritating, and fucking annoying, but, in truth, non-threating. Izzie doesn’t like to be left unused for several days in a row. She gets mad and dumps her battery charge. Then she gives me a crazy looking black and white screen with an uncharged battery when I try to charge her. Then if I leave her charging, she battles for a while, trying to start up, flashing her beautiful apple icon, then shutting down. Then starting back up, then shutting down. Then starting back up and shutting down. All the while, making noises with her hard drive that are loud enough to actually hear, which scares the shit out of me each time she powers down. Then after about 20 minutes on the charger, she suddenly has enough energy to start up, showing her beautiful colors and Menu screens. She’s very passive aggressive, looking like everything is just fine–until the next time I ignore her for a few days, and then she scolds me with her black and white screens of evil.

I think her battery is going. I also think I got an extended warranty when I bought her at Best Buy. I need to find it. It covered a replacement battery if I remember correctly…

I am running out of electronic equipment to kill. If you are looking to crash anything, just send it my way for a week or two. I am sure my fingertips of death can do your machines in too.

2 responses to “Fingertips of Death

  1. Bloody overrated OfficeXP, ditch it and use

    As for frikkin Outlook! Install Thunderbird and appreciate that you can get a spell-checkin email editor for free that works perfectly!

    As for iTunes, don’t install the version that has QuickTime with it. It’s bloated. Try find an older installer! You can use QuickTimeAlternative for a nice slimmed down .MOV player.

    Apart from that, I really just meant to say sweet blog design. Nice work.

  2. lol…thanks Lisa. I will have to look into those programs.

    That is exactly what I did with iTunes. There is a stand alone version of Quicktime on Apple’s website, and I used that, THEN downloaded iTunes, and it is working perfectly.

    And thanks for the compliment on the blog design. I had some help though. I told her what I wanted and have made some changes myself as I got tired of things, but it was originally designed by Reese. Check out her blog in my blogroll. It’s under “Seaglass”. She was great to work with if you are looking for a designer.

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