What a Punch!

I got punched in the throat last night. By The Aggie. We play volleyball together. There was a ball, and I apparently I was in the way of his getting the ball. He dove, arm stretched out like a King of the Beach, and BAM! He missed the ball and socked me one, good and hard, about an inch to the right of my windpipe. It knocked me clean to the ground. And it stung. Luckily, it didn’t hit my windpipe so I didn’t lose my breath, and I was able to get up and shake it off pretty quickly, but dang it if it didn’t spook me. I spent the rest of the game mildly afraid I would hit someone again, and it affected my game. I hate that.

The most interesting part however, is that the punch for some reason, looks just like a hickey. It’s a red streak about an inch long, and very, very hickey-like. Which of course is great when you work with your parents…This morning my father told me I had a “lovely” hickey, and my mother asked why I hadn’t even covered it up with make-up! Oh for SHAME! My daughter has a HICKEY, and has not covered it up with make-up!! Since it’s not actually a hickey, and I figured covering it up (which would just look like make-up over a hickey) would make it look MORE like a hickey, I decided make-up wasn’t necessary. But apparently, decorum requires make-up.

So, I am sure the hickey jokes will continue, and I will continue to tease The Aggie about having punched me, but at least his ability to send himself to the hospital hasn’t rubbed off on me just yet.

2 responses to “What a Punch!

  1. He’s already abusing you?

  2. Ok, is this the same “anonymous” from the other day? Who are you??

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