Oh PhotoShop CS2, you are wonderful and amazing and I want you so much…I want to use your Vanishing Points, and HDR support and your Image Warp and Healing Brushes. I want upgrade from your sloppy older brother Mr. PhotoShop 7.0 who has grow so old and weary that he really needs a cane these days. I want to buy beautiful magazines that tell me how to use you. How to take advantage of your wiley ways.

For just $169, you could be mine. But your pesky cousins Illustrastor 10 and InDesign 2.0 are starting to list a little like their elderly cousin PhotoShop 7.0 and I would sort of need to upgrade to their younger brothers too.

Oh, woe is me. What is a creative gal to do…


4 responses to “I want PhotoShop CS2 TTTTHHHHIIIIISSSSSS badly.

  1. I’ve been using In Design CS2 and Photoshop CS2 at the paper, and it’s been good… but i’m not as well-versed in photoshop to be able to tell the difference.

  2. reesehttp://sea-glass.org/blog

    I love my CS2 programs, but like Dylan, I don’t know if I can tell much difference. 😉

  3. http://thepiratebay.org/

    That’s where I would go to download it!

  4. Oh I can tell a HUGE difference between my photoshop 7 and my hack copy of photoshop CS at home, and I know there are a few more really neat additions in CS2. Mostly though they are all photo manipulation tools, but I have wanted to get into some heavier photo manipulation for a while now, so that’s good for me. I mean, I am FOUR versions behind!!


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