To The North Pole and Beyond!

Santa Claus is moving. He lives about 10 houses down from me. He is tall and has a long white beard that reaches close to his navel. He wears gold-rimmed glasses and jeans with a white t-shirt and suspenders, and has a beautiful, old yellow-white Golden Retriever. Whenever I drive by his house, if he is outside, he waves and and smiles a broad, toothy grin. Often he is working on an old red Toyota 4-Runner with the tailgate open and his Golden proudly sleeping in the back as he works. Apparently Santa likes to go off-roading. He is one of my favorite neighbors. In fact, I think he is my favorite neighbor. Second place would go to the sweet old woman with red-dyed hair and a little terrier, who walks with her equally sweet old-woman friend that has a a very old toy poodle that she recently began pushing around in a baby stroller (briefly, prior to the stroller, she used a garden spreader).

I will miss Santa. But I hope he gets his asking price…


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