Lost Advertising Monster

Anyone else watch the Lost season finale last night? Umm…yeah that second hour totally rocked…At the risk of spoilers for anyone who might have TIVOed it, I will refrain from discussing all the amazing, cool, wickedly delicious twist that came out of last night’s show…but I am definitely in for another season now!

So did you notice the ad about 15 minutes from the end of the second hour? For the Hanso Foundation??? I was fast-fowarding when I saw it. They totally got me to go back and look. It was an ad for this website www.hansocareers.com. It was an ad done by monster.com. Very creative. What a tie-in!! I sort of thought the jobs for the Hanso Foundation would have been slightly more interesting and revealing though…but man, on the advertising front, that’s great. I have heard there have been a few ad tie-ins during Lost, but this is the first one I picked up on.

I remember hearing there were a few probems with the cost of shooting in Hawaii, so perhaps this is how they solved that problem…

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