Back to The Future

Do you feel it? That bubbling, gurgling, rippling feeling underneath your skin? Underneath this country?

For the last month, I have started noticing advertising for, Homeland Security’s solution for emergency kits. I have been noticing protesting in larger mass than the civil rights movement. I have been noticing greater discussion and concern over a bird flu epidemic. I have continued (as I have for the last 4 and a half years) to notice the unprotectedness our country is exposing to terrorists. I have noticed a scary man in Iran who wants to eradicate all non-Muslims–who is sickly reminiscent of Hitler. I have noticed a shift in the interests of China and an openly expressed desire to reach toward capitalism. I have noticed a sickening desire in this country to stifle liberalism coming from Christian Conservatives.

I have noticed an increased level of standard anxiety in myself. A feeling that this country is about to collapse on itself. That we on the verge of more than just an economic downturn, but that we could be heading into a world shift that might lead to military drafts, stock market crashes, genocide (beyond Darfur), disasters both natural and man-made, and a sudden need for self-sufficiency like we have not seen in our lifetimes.

This is just a gut-level instinct but it is based in a myriad of world troubles and I just can’t help but feel the clash will begin soon and overwhelm us. I don’t really know where I am going with this but I felt it should be said, perhaps simply for my post apocalypse posterity to say, “Look, grandma was right!”


3 responses to “Back to The Future

  1. reese

    I’m here to tell you that…

    I hear you.

    I see it too.

    I think similar thoughts.

    Most people think I’m nuts. I keep my mouth shut about such things.

    But it was comforting to read that you see it, too.

  2. You’re definitely not nuts, but I have to tell you, hearing that someone else sees it too almost scares me more…

    BTW, totally different subject, do you have a blog?

  3. reese

    I do, I do!
    You can read it at (it’s not that titillating, though. lol.)

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