Escrow Schmeshrow

Did I tell you all about my escrow issues??

(First, for anyone sans-house, escrow is basically rolling your annual property taxes into your monthly mortgage payments so that you don’t have to pay a few thousand dollar lump sum in taxes each year…It was recommended for me since I was a first-time home buyer, but eventually, it’s more financially sound to pay the taxes yourself without escrow.)

What a mess. They sent me a bill saying their was a $1314 shortage on my escrow account. Meaning I would have to pay $1314 or watch my monthly payments go up $109.50. It turned out they had not yet received my Homestead Exemption (meaning I live in my house and it’s not just an investment property) and the analysis had been done without the exemption included. The nearly $800 exemption. So, problem mostly solved. We’re talking about $514 now. That’s no where near as painful. Taxes go up…Nothing you can do. Well I got a revised statement yesterday. It says I still owe a $982 shortage. How can that be??

And on top of that, they say my new bill after paying the shortage would only go up by $3 a month. How is that possible?? If taxes supposedly went up $42 a month, isn’t this going to put me right back where I am now in a year? With an ever-increasing under-analyzed shortage on my escrow account??

Mess. Totally mess….

2 responses to “Escrow Schmeshrow

  1. Lol, sometimes Holland doesnt sound too bad after all. 😉

  2. I wonder if we have the same mortgage company… I just got something as well, telling me that my escrow payment was going up $300!!! They had it so that my city taxes were $2500 more each year than the actual bill itself. I called, and basically, the guy on the phone had no clue. So I am going to call back every day until they have it fixed 🙂

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