Cat Story ALERT!

I have no AC. Friday night it went out, and I didn’t get to call my home warranty company until Sunday (and it won’t be fixed until Wednesday). So last night, I had the door and all the windows open trying to bring my downstairs temperature down from a balmy 85 degrees and my upstairs temperature down from a sweltering 92 degrees.

So the kitties were allowed to play in the backyard. Luka was in heaven, stalking around the yard like a lion on the prowl. He didn’t know what he was prowling for, but he had the stalk down. Brody timidly set out to join him, heeding my warnings when he got too close to the hole (dug by another neighbor cat) that goes under the fence by darting back inside as though he had just committed the ultimate sin.

As night fell, the open door in combination with the lights inside brought several large bugs into the house. For those of you not from Texas, we have a strange species of bug here that looks like a gigantic mosquito (although it doesn’t bite and is quite harmless). It has the long string-like legs, and erratic flight patterns of a mosquito but is at least an inch across. It’s big.

Those bugs are irresistable to cats. Their strange flight pattern is like the mothership calling them home, and Brody is definitely an alien believer. He chased those suckers all night long. And he was surprisingly good at catching them for a cross-eyed kitty! You would think seeing the world through crossed eyes–therefore in double–would make it hard to catch an erratic bug, but apparently the crossed eyes just counteracts the flying, and he was able to catch them with ease by waiting for them to hit a wall within three feet of the ground. At that point he would jump up on two legs and use both front paws to smash and grab the bug, then pull it to his mouth where he would promptly eat the wiggly creature with a series of mouth puckering bites. Yum.

I am sure both cats will sleep the entire day today…that was more exercise than they have had in months…


One response to “Cat Story ALERT!

  1. Great story!!! I also really liked the pictures of the kitties on the bed a couple of weeks ago. Say hi to the kitties for me and pick up Luka awkwardly.


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