Whatcha Doin’ Johnny?

John McCain may be off my possible list of Republicans I could vote for. I just learned he is getting buddy buddy with Jerry Faldwell. He is apparently seeing eye to eye with Jerry Faldwell on abortion issues, and gay marriage rights. That means he is either grossly pandering to the Christian Conservative Right, or his tolerant moderate views are changing. Either way, it doesn’t sit well with me.


2 responses to “Whatcha Doin’ Johnny?

  1. I seriously cannot STAND Jerry Falwell! I lived in the same town as him for 7 years, and I really hated the impact he had on that place. AND… he once bent over and stuck his ass in my face. Very unpleasant.

  2. Michael Manning

    I’m not into politics. But out of mercy, I think John’s Cancer has affected his decisions along with the years spent tortured in Vietnam as a POW. He is hot-headed, which is not a good leadership quality. Remember when he blew up at Maria Shriver and yelled at her to leave him alone? Poor judgement. I saw Joe Lieberman at CNN while I was in Atlanta walking across the food court. I wanted to tell him how badly I felt for the ill mannered reception he received after returning from his 4th trip to Iraq. But I felt he needed to have some privacy. He sis say “Hello”. Falwell and Pat Robertson should become roomates. Two idiots. You are right.

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