Job possibility # 1,046,432

I am trying to put my portfolio back together. Digitally this time–online. What a mess. In college, I built a portfolio of about 50 pieces. Probably 35 or so of which I am still proud enough of to use in my current portfolio. BUT. I never saved them in a digitally neutral way. As PDFs for instance. The files were created on a Mac, but I don’t currently have access to one. The files are sort of in digital limbo, stuck in frozen suspension on 4 or 5 CD-Roms. Tomorrow, I get the pleasure of visiting my local Kinko’s and paying $0.30 a minute to use their Macs to transfer all the files into lovely compatible PDFs.

With any luck though, this process will allow me to have a job worthy portfolio when combined with my current work. I am going to try to get back into copywriting now. I know, I know, I have been going through job possibilities like candy. And quite honestly, all of them are still open to me. I still like the idea of all of them, and really all I am doing is expanding my options, giving myself a larger menu from which to work. I just can’t ignore the fact that writing is one thing that I truly, truly love. And rarely do I tire of it.

So added to the long list of potentially life-altering career choices, I am now adding the one thing I am actually trained for, Advertising Copywriter.


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