A Headboard For The Ages…Or Until I Can Afford The Bed I Really Want

This weekend, I undertook a project that I have been talking about for months now. I made a headboard. For real! From scratch! It’s a padded headboard, covered in chocolate velvet which exactly matches my curtains…But rather that just talk about it, how about I show you?

Like the buttons?? There’s a secret there…They are actually doorknobs!! (And there are two rows of them.)

And the kitties did some modeling…

This morning, the kitties were understandably exhausted from all their hard work building the headboard and then modeling for this blog…


9 responses to “A Headboard For The Ages…Or Until I Can Afford The Bed I Really Want

  1. reesehttp://m2webstudios.com

    that is a GREAT bed design. love the colors. and the cats complement them well 😉

  2. Thanks! It’s hard to tell but the walls are pretty much the color they look like…it’s called Ultimate Khaki which is sort of a greenish khaki, and they go great with the chocolate. And the curtains…I need to take a pic with the bed and curtains int he pame picture…Love. It.

  3. Aubriehttp://newnutshell.typepad.com

    That’s so awesome! Its like Trading Spaces meets Martha Stewert!

  4. Damn you’re good 🙂

  5. Nicely done. Have you been up to IKEA? Damn Swede have it going on with their furniture!! There is a nice dark wood bed that is not to far from that color. For when you decide to buy something else.

    Great idea with the doorknobs!

  6. Thank you, thank you…{deep bow of appreciation}…

    Yes, that is where the duvet AND the fabric for the headboard came from! My curtains are chocolate velvet curtains from Ikea, so to match the curtain, I just bought another set, and cut one up to make the headboard! 🙂 The next bed I buy will be one of the glorious huge, four poster with a canopy frame types…Unfortunately, I think it would overwhelm my bedroom now…but this bed isn’t quite done. It still needs a shelf (from Ikea) that will be hung above it with some of my photos framed on it, and a long leather bench at the foot. Can’t wait to have the room done! It will be so yummy! 🙂

  7. oh, and the doornobs were actually a friend’s idea! She’s a designer…She also helped me figure out how to hang the darn thing! 🙂

  8. hey now… DONT take any credit away from yourself!!! My preggo butt is living through you and your ability to still bend over and do DIY projects 🙂 I am so proud of you and your brave thought process!

  9. Looks like you did an excellent job. I would say something about the colors, but I just found out today my car isn’t green after driving it for over a year (I’m colorblind).

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