Pop Damn It!

My left ear will not pop!!! This is getting really old…

In good news, I have a date tonight with NYE Boy! Talked to him for about 2 hours total last night, during two different calls…

In bad news, he wanted to make sure I was aware of certain circumstances…Those being, he is an officer in the Marine Reserves and he will almost certainly be called up to go to Iraq in May. For 8-10 months. GAHH! Circumstances noted. Why can’t I find a nice, non-religious, non-political, successful, smart, hot, interesting guy who will be in THIS country for an extended period of time? Am I really asking ALL that much? Hmm?


4 responses to “Pop Damn It!

  1. Lorihttp://loribradley.typepad.com

    We REALLY need to go back to my original plan of getting you a Finn of your very own….

  2. Well if you find that guy and he has a brother, do you mind sending him my way???

  3. lol…you got it, Melinda!

  4. If you were in Ireland, I might have been the hand that fitted your glove! 🙂

    Good luck!

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