• Still sick. But getting better. If only I could get my ears to pop (and stay popped!)
  • Still thinking real estate might be the way for me to go for a career change…The list of reasons to do it is much longer than the reasons to not do it.
  • Still haven’t started editing my book from NaNoWriMo. I am now 10 days behind if I want to start harping on myself.
  • New Year’s Eve Boy called today! We will be going out for a beer this week sometime (when I don’t sound like the evil spawn of a pack of cigarrettes and Barry White…)
  • Extra Yay! for NYE Boy calling!
  • UT is still the National football Champion and my UT banner will remain up at least through next sunday when the victory celebration will take place in Austin!
  • I have sent that Sex and The City quiz to two of my girlfriends and am waiting to hear back from a third…so far, I am Carrie, my best friend is Samantha and our third friend is Charlotte. And I have a good feeling the third friend will be Miranda! How cool is that!?

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