Sleep Sounds So Good.

I’m sick. It finally happened. I haven’t had a cold in over a year (although I had a bunch of other ailments last spring…). The last time I was sick of any real consequence was food poisoning last, what? March? April? That’s pretty damn good considering all the stress from this year. My body held out. And I think I finally got sick because A) the worst year ever finally ended, and B) I started going to the gym again and my body isn’t used to the super high levels of germs in there. I mean seriously, have you ever thought of all the germs that must be on that equipment?? Eww! Sooo, I seem to have some chest cold thingy. LOTS of coughing, a little runny nose, a sore throat solely from the hacking coughs and nothing else. But it is managing to make me feel pretty run down. Coughing is really tiring.

I made it to work today though. But as you can see, I’m not working very hard right now…I think I will get what I need to done here, and then take some stuff home and work on my laptop in bed. Mmmm…bed…The place where I tossed and turned and coughed my way through the night last night…But the good news is I think I won some major points for coming in today. My boss/father was shocked when he saw me this morning. He asked what in the world I was doing here. So that’s good at least…

Mmkay…back to work…at half speed…


2 responses to “Sleep Sounds So Good.

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hate being sick, it sucks..
    I’m going on almost 1 month with this cough and sinus crap, doc came seem to get the right combo together to get me all fixed up..

    Hope ya feel better… =)

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