A New Leaf?

So I am thinking of a career change. I think it might be time to move on from my family’s business. The business is doing ok, but it isn’t doing as well as we hoped by this point (due mostly to a decreasing interest in our product category…I think it hit its peak in 2000…). And I need a change. I need a new challenge. I have been working with them for three years, and I am feeling antzy lately. Feeling like there is more I could be doing.

I am thinking about real estate. I love it. I loved buying my house. The whole process. I loved looking at houses, I loved negotiating. I loved the whole thing, and I think helping people find what I found would be great! My mind has been brainstorming like crazy lately. I have all sorts of ideas for making myself stand out. First of all, I drive a yellow car…cause, hello! It’s bright!! And I was thinking about wireless internet service. What if you had a laptop in your car, and wireless internet service? If you saw a house as you drove, you could look it up online instantly. Or you could look at a certain neighborhood spontaneously, that you hadn’t planned on visiting. And what if there were kids with you? Well, I would have a DVD player in the back seat…the little fold up portable kind. And a mini library of movies. Pop one in, and keep the kids quiet while you are house hunting. And my advertising background would certainly come in handy promoting myself. And my photography skills would be great for selling the houses. I would take awesome pictures of homes.

Plus, my extended family is heavily involved in real estate. In different areas. So if I were to work in an area they aren’t in, we could call on each other whenever needed. I remember being passed around a few times to different agents when we were looking at areas of DFW that our agent (Ronnie) didn’t know.

The other day, a friend asked me for advice to jump start the house search she and her husband were about to start. And I loved it! I was spilling over with ideas.

I am going to toss this around some more. We’ll see what happens…Some big changes look to be on the horizon though…I’ll keep you up to date!

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