Smile of the Day #8

Today my mother’s wine club present came! I had to have it shipped to the office because it has to be signed for between 9 and 5 and by someone over 21. So the office it was…She got a Syrah and a Reisling today, but the smile part was that it came with a wine tasting page. Very cool! It tells you all about each one, one page for each bottle, and gives you room for notes on the back and a place to stick the label. So as you get your booze, you can learn about it! It’s a nice way to start a wine tasting book. I thought that was a very nice touch to the whole thing and it made me happy that the present seemed to come out so well. Very nicely done,!


One response to “Smile of the Day #8

  1. I was going to say before I got to the end of your post…hey, that’s what I got this month from, too! And…it’s what Lady Mac received. 🙂

    Enjoy! The wine club is a lot of fun! They send a few too many rieslings for my taste, but hopefully they’ll shake the whites up a bit this year.

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