The Good The Bad

Well I forgot to mention a few things yesterday when I wrote the “Done” post. I think I had come down from a month long adrenaline rush…

First of all, the good, when I was buying the car AFTER I had already informed them I was definitely buying the car, and had just signed papers to that effect, I managed to negotiate the APR down another .25%! Tehe! I am totally proud of myself for that…

On the bad though, when I got the car home, I realized it was missing a few things I thought it was supposed to have. They had to find me a car like what I wanted, and they said they had found one with all this stuff…well turns out, the car they got doesn’t have a security system, power seats or the cover that you pull over the cargo area. I’m bummed. I don’t think they charged me for those things, but it’s not exactly the car I thought I was getting. I am going to call to day and discuss it with them. I really kinda want the cargo cover at the very least…and the alarm…I don’t really care about power seats. I mean really, how hard is it to adjust the normal way? Not very…But still…the MSRP on the car is $500 less than the car we talked about…so I am missing $500 worth of goodies. 😦

But on the good, my car is beautiful, and my iPod iTrip works perfectly in my new car, and the stereo rocks, and even has a setting I have never heard of. In addition to bass, treble, fade and balance, I have “mid”. What do I do with mid, praytell??? I can tell it’s important, it makes big differences in the sound, but I have no idea what it does or how to set it properly…Internets, do you know??

Oh, and I have totally turned into one of my friends…I parked my car in the middle of the parking lot a million feet away from everyone else yesterday. I looked around and saw all these cars that I just couldn’t bear to put my beautiful new baby (I think Chiquita II is her name) next too…

One response to “The Good The Bad

  1. just wanted to say a hearty congrats on your new car and raise. Nice job!


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