Happy Thanksgiving and Text Me, Baby

Something strange happened today. Each year, I tend to get three or four calls from close friends on Thanksgiving, and I might make one or two. But today, the phone never rang. Not once. It beeped though. Starting at 10am, I received no less than 6 text messages wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving. Not one phone call. This is a very interesting shift to me and it means one of three things:

A) My friends were afraid to disturb my festivities, and decided a text message was less intrusive while still conveying the message of good wishes.

B) Text messaging intruded less into their festivities.

C) My friends didn’t want to call, because I talk too much (quite plausible actually…)

But the outcome was sweet wishes and no guilt over missed calls, or cutting short conversations. I quite liked it…

The text message is quite an invention. So with that in mind…

Hppy Thnksgvng 2 U!


One response to “Happy Thanksgiving and Text Me, Baby

  1. This is strange but it is exactly what happened to me — and I figured out the mystery. People can text one message to dozens of people all at once, so they text instead of calling because it is a compete timesaver!

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