I’m Not Dead. I Promise.

Sorry I have been MIA. I was out L-I-V-I-N-G. It was great! Camping last weekend was a blast. We saw a shit-ton of deer. They seem to be overpopulated out there. In Austin, when that happened, the deer didn’t have enough food and they were dying of starvation, so the suburb that was having the problem had to pass a bond issue to allow hunting in city limits so they could bring the population down. At first, at the time, I thought it was cruel, but then I saw the pictures of the emaciated deer. It was so sad. Their rib cages stuck out, and they looked tired and sick…In any case, I think they might need to do that out where we went camping. Some of the deer looked great. Healthy, and strong, but some looked so sickly. Obviously, survival of the fittest at work…

Now, we went camping with the usual suspects, but we also brought along my friend Harry from Holland (who was–and is–in town to visit my best friend because they are in LURVE…more on that later) and my friend Jenny. So Harry has a dutch accent. It’s this soft almost germanic accent, but less gutteral, and quite attractive. We pulled up to the campsite at night, and in the headlights, we saw something. We parked, and got out, I got the flashlight and we swiveled it around looking for the mysterious creature that flashed in the headlights. It was a red fox. Beautiful. Healthy, a huge fluffy tail. It was great. Harry said, “What is dat?” His voice excited to see something new. I told him it was a fox, and he responded, “Oh! A fucks!” Jenny and I roared with laughter. Yes, Harry, a fucks…


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