Mini Break

On my mini break from work today, occassionally called lunch, during which time, the phone will ring no less than 18 times, two FedEx and one UPS package will be delivered, an employee will need product labels made, and a giant elephant with four tusks will stomp through our lobby, I will also tell you about my plans for the weekend.

We are going camping. Real. Wholesome. Camping. With campfires, hiking, two dogs and a shit ton of beer. Ahh…camping…The temperature is expected to be perfect. Highs in the seventies, lows in the fifties. And, I am going with friends that don’t make me crazy to boot! No one to rile me up and make me go off on everyone. Just nice, kind friends. And beer. And hiking. Ahhh…Oh and did I mention the pop-up camper? Awesome…I actually get a bed this time instead of a crummy sleeping bag. The perfect way to camp. I can feel myself relaxing just thinking about it.


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