Lost In My Geekiness

In an effort to be as absolutely geeky as possible, I am going to post about Lost. We all know this show is becoming a conspiracy theorists playground, but why not feed the animals? There are several…err…thousands…of websites and posts out there about Lost, but here are a few I thought were particularly interesting…

The Lost Numbers is definitely going on my blogroll. This site collects sitings from the show referencing the magic numbers. It’s pretty cool! Basically, anything that can be counted or numbered on the show will have some part of or combination of the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42.

The Oceanic Air website is a spoof website for the airline of the plane that crashed. There are several interesting tidbits hidden in it including…get this…the answer to, What does Ethan Rom really spell out??

The Dharma Initiative looks like it’s could be cool, if only I could crack the login. Any suggestions?

The theories are making my head spin! It seems like The Third Policeman and Turn of A Screw may be necessary reading!


One response to “Lost In My Geekiness

  1. I am so hooked on Lost this season. I have not seen a single episode from the first season but I plan to get caught up soon.

    I totally want to get into the Dharma Initiative site now. If I can find the login and password, I’ll let you know.

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