Subtle Flirtations

Why are some guys so subtle about flirting? Volleyball Crush is so confusing! He seems to be interested, but then he does stuff like not look me in the eyes. But he looks my friend Jenny in the eyes. I cannot read him! But when we both had gotten up from the table last night, apparently, my two friends that were sitting there were talking about us liking each other. They could see it…

Jenny keeps telling me she can’t believe how alike we are. In good ways…we are both busy, busy with a ton of hobbies, always coming up with something new to do. And laughing with a bit too much enthusiasm, she said we both are strategizers and are constantly thinking a step ahead to the next move, specifically refering to volleyball and hockey(he plays hockey too, did I tell you that?), but I think it probably applies to both of our lives as well.

I just don’t know with him. He does things like take my advice…like getting the job at Logan’s, and watching Lost (which he rented the entire first season of…he is so going to be addicted…hehe). And in a completely nerdy twist, we share a common interest in Harry Potter. I asked him if he would go see it with me at the IMAX when it comes out, and he said of course, but then he said, “but you know, I hear there’s a place in Austin that shows it and serves Butter Beer.” Butter Beer is what they drink in the book. And I am guessing the place that serves it in Austin is The Alamo Draft House…but the important point is he wants to go to Austin to see it…in my book, that’s flirting…but then he won’t even look me in the eyes…or ask me out…so frustrating. But I cannot get him off my mind. He is an enigma. Wrapped in a mystery. {Sigh…}


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