Katrina, Poverty, and Evacuation

As I do whenever I am met with something I don’t fully understand, I am starting to research more thoroughly the poverty of New Orleans, and also what happened there. Exactly why certain people didn’t get out. Was it the poverty, or a cry wolf phenomenon, fear of looters, or all of the above? I have some responses I need to make to comments from my post yesterday, and I think they are too important to just post as comments back to the commenters, and I also think I may have formulated some ideas without a thorough understanding of the situation. Therefore, I am going to learn more, and then comment. I still believe my general stance is correct, or at least not wrong, but I need more to back myself up. So, to start my education (and yours if you are interested), I am going to post some demographic information. Here is a map of the poverty levels in New Orleans from a New Orleans Data website.

New Orleans Poverty Map

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