Oh, Lordy…

I’ve been hit!

Ha, not by a car…that’s where you mind went isn’t it? No, by comment spam…and it wasn’t even the kindly compliments spammer…but it made me giggle so I am going to delete the comments and leave you with a little quote from Mr. Spam himself.

“Feeling lonely? Hook up with Real Singles now for $4.99 to connect, and only $0.99 a min. A true match is only a phone call away. Give it a try 1-800-I’m-not-advertising-for-them. “

Only $6 and I am on my way to true love, sweet! I wonder if I could get them in trouble with the FTC for false advertising…

3 responses to “Oh, Lordy…

  1. The complimentary spammer has left my house, too. Now I’m stuck with the Hardcore Prison Rape spammer.


  2. I love the complimentary spammer. I almost don’t want to delete their comments, but I don’t want the evil spammers to think it’s an open invitation to them too.

  3. lol…yeah, the complimentary spammer is a great guy… 😉

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