Happy Happy Thoughts 12

This morning before work, I took the trash out. I pulled out the trash bag from the kitchen trash can and left the empty can in the kitchen to remember to put a new bag in after work. I left the house, got in my car and realized I had left my iPod. I went back inside the dark kitchen and heard the clatter of the trash can rocking on the ground and saw a quick flash of black and white fur running around the island. Then I heard the clank, clank of a cat sliding into a ceramic water dish and food dish, and then a second clank of a second cat sliding into the water and food dishes while rounding the corner and then the scratch, scratch, scratch of cat claws on tile trying to get traction as I watched Brody spin his wheels right into the cabinet still trying to get traction like that old Disney cartoon of Pluto on ice…

I had apparently startled their exploratory trip of the empty trash can…I was laughing so hard! And they just had this look on their faces that said, “Bitch, you scared us!”


One response to “Happy Happy Thoughts 12

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! That is soooooo funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!

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