This article is hilarious and great and awful all at the same time……A dating site for only the beautiful…And if you were ever picked last or had, ahem, ahem, one of the snotty girls run their finger down your back to see if you were wearing a bra–in 5TH! grade–and then turned hot…This site is for you…it’s still based on the popularity contest that I hated growing up, but then again, if you got in…well let’s just say that would be pretty cool…Sort of like going to your high school reunion after having gone from Geek to Chic in my opinion…But I don’t think I have the guts to try it just yet…

Oh…doh! Already dissed by the site!! It doesn’t support Firefox and gave me a snotty little note telling me to update my browser…lol…

UPDATE: You all totally have to check this site out…lol…some of the guys’ shots in particular look like quasi porn…lol


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  1. I haven’t checked it out yet, but I saw it on Good Morning America Friday morning. I’ve been meaning too. Thanks for the reminder!

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