Volleyball Crush

I have a total crush on one of my volleyball teammates. He is way cute, and seems so normal and conservative…he works for a chemical company as a liason between the chemists and the marketing department by day and waits tables (or courts as the case may be) out at Yucatan three nights a week…and he has short hair, drives an SUV, and just all around seems tame…Then I found out he has both nipples pierced, had a motorcycle (which was torched by some random act of violence), and is a member of an adventure club–sky diving, rock climbing, bungie jumping, that sort of thing…

Back to those nipple piercings…they aren’t hoops…they are these little barbells…I am not a piercing gal, but wow, those things are sexy! Something to do with how conservative he appears to the casual observer…

But alas, he is busy every night of the week, literally. If he isn’t working at Yucatan, he is playing volleyball on our team, or playing hockey twice a week. Sucks. Plus, I don’t think he has ANY interest in me…HOW is THAT possible!? 😉 Ah, well…the guys I am interested in are never interested in me…Nothing new there I guess…

I’ll just keep dreaming about those piercings… 😀


2 responses to “Volleyball Crush

  1. To answer your 4400 question on my blog…

    The first “season” of the 4400 was intended as a fairly self-contained, five episode mini-series or limited series. Hence why it could be nominated as best miniseries (it was only six hours long). They left the story open ended enough–gave us one answer while asking two more questions–in the final ep of last year so that if it succeeded, it could come back for a second year and beyond. It was an instant hit and so it’s back continuing the story. I have faith in the producers who also worked on DS9 to keep it going and so far, this has proven to be justified.

    As for the volleyball guy…he is missing out on a great lady…his loss.

  2. Thanks…

    Ha…maybe he will realize it and free up some time!! 🙂

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