Phone F*@$&ing manners

How friggin’ hard is it to announce who you are when you are calling a business acquaintance?? Just do it. Do it every time. After I have answered the phone politely, DO NOT say, “Hey” and expect me to know from those three measly little letters who you are. Even if I do know who you are, it is still terribly rude in a business situation. Just F-ing stop it all ready!!!!


2 responses to “Phone F*@$&ing manners

  1. I have this friend…from a long time ago, who will call me once every six months and say, “Hey! How’re you doing?” without introducing herself.

    I never know who it is…and then she’s all surprised and shocked when I ask who it is. LOL.

  2. If you don’t want people to greet you that way, maybe you shouldn’t answer the phone with those three little letters. ;o)


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