Who’s the Best?

Alrighty, more for you guys to comment on…I think since I am nearing my 1 year anniversary of blogging, it may be time to move up in the world…Who do you all use to host your blogs, and who do you think is the best and why?

One crucial thing I am looking for is ease in transferring my archives. I also need a good platform for photographs. And I am not wild about the layout of typepad that I know to be from them. Are all typepad layouts the three column style? Help! 🙂

Update: I would love to do what Dooce does with photos with a small thumbnail on the right side that you click to open a new page with a larger image. Anyone know how to do that??

One response to “Who’s the Best?

  1. I use Blogs About, which used to be great (and worth the $) until it started getting really big. Now, it seems as though I could get the same customer service and more space by going with another company.

    Dell swears by Verve Hosting…they’re who I’m checking out.

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