Blogging ideas…

I am starting to feel like my blog is getting a little stale. My page views have dropped a bit (although this could be because I haven’t used any terms that get a lot of search engine hits lately, like “getting a shot in the ass” or “Bush is an idiot”) but I can’t help but think you all may be getting a little bored with my site, so I want to kick it up and see if I can find a topic that gets me some more readership. I’m going to start a list and I would love it if you all would add things that you have liked that I wrote about or would like me to write about and tell me what of my list sounds good to you. Maybe a little direction is what this blogger needs…

  • Politics
    • love to hate Bush
    • general news
    • fun facts
    • pretty graphs and pictures
    • editorial cartoons
  • My life…this is staying so too bad!! 😉
  • The occasional technobabble
  • Photography (I could start posting old pics and new pics regularly and do more photoblogging)
  • And my newest idea, recipes…anyone who knows me, knows I am quite a cook and I also rarely follow recipes. So I could post unique recipes, which would provide a sort of file of recipes as well as provide ideas for you all. Plus it would be interesting to try to write them and figure out amounts and things.

So whatcha think? Any more suggestions??

2 responses to “Blogging ideas…

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of your photos. I’ve always liked what you’ve put up.

    But don’t blog for stats. It isn’t worth it. Blog what you wanna blog, and if people don’t visit as often, that is their thing. It doesn’t do any good to worry about your pageviews.

  2. Mmkay…photos will be more a part of it…I probably have enough to do a pic a day…I don’t know though…I will start with every few days or so, I think…Guess it’s time to get a Flickr Pro account!! 🙂

    I don’t do it for stats, but I noticed enough of a decline that I am wondering what caused it. I write my blog to make myself write on a regular basis. But at the same time, I want people to like what I write, so the drop made me wonder what the cause was.

    This whole thing was started because I eventually want to write a book and this was a good way to A) record my feelings and the crazy stuff that happens in my life to be later used as a basis for a book, and B) it gets me writing regularly so when I decide to write the book, it won’t see as daunting…I also remind myself that I wrote 500 pages worth of papers in 1.5 years in grad school…that always helps!! hehe!

    Oh, thanks for the input!!

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