Feeling Left Out

Alright…I am feeling a little left out…So from SRWU:

Who would be your top 5 people, living or dead, that you’d want to see blog? List them in the comments or on your own blog and trackback, then pass it on! Here are mine.

1. Benjamin Franklin…Can you imagine the random thoughts that man would have had! So intense!

2. Leonardo DaVinci…I want to know if the person next to Jesus in the last supper is Mary Magdaline or not!! And I want to know how to build a flying machine! How awesome would his blog be!?

3. Allan Lichtman…He writes for HNN on a semi-regular basis, but a blog with random thoughts plus his political opinions? Oh! Pure genius!

4. My grandmother…She has an opinion on everything, and she is one of the most liberal and open-minded 81 year olds I have ever met! Now all I have to do is teach her to type, turn on a computer, set up a blog, and access it on a regular basis.

5. My cousin Rob…he regularly comments on my blog, but his brainpower and writing abilities definitely deserve their own space as well!! Someday, I will break him down and he will start one.

I will be passing this on to The Snark and Miss Adelle!


One response to “Feeling Left Out

  1. Ahhh, Da Vinci! I want to know who that person is, too! I loved the Da Vinci Code and have wondered ever since…

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