To My iPod Friends

I have two computers with music files. One at home, and one at work. Yesterday, I loaded everything from home. Today I wanted to load everything from work…iTunes did not like that. It wants to erase everything I have on my iPod and use the new library only. I want both libraries…How do I do that?? Surely, one of you smart people knows the answer??

Hmm…perhaps this should have been a letter to Dear Snarky

Help, Blogging Buddies!!


5 responses to “To My iPod Friends

  1. Try this…

    Go to edit>pref>ipod while it’s connected and set it to manually manage songs & playlists to stop it from auto sync’ing.

    Then you can drag n drop the songs onto the iPod. If you want to transfer the songs from the iPod to the PC then use:

    iPod Agent –

  2. Adelle is exactly right… Auto-sync sucks, and it will crap up your iPod with tons of duplicates… change your iTunes preferences to manually drag and drop your songs to the iPod… it works much better…

  3. Dear Snarky

    Snarky agrees with Adelle as well.

    Hey, that rhymes.


  4. My friends…Dell was right…the magic words were “drag n drop”…I think I just had a brain fart…not exactly rocket science was it?… 😉

    Thanks for the help!!

  5. Ty, it’s Saturday afternoon-call me. I emailed you my phone number


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