St. Patty’s Day Par-tey!

Last night, in true St. Patty’s Day fashion, I went to a British Pub in Dallas and drank regular Bud Lights, sans green food coloring. Ok, so maybe all of that flies in the face of St. Patrick’s Day traditions, but hey, I was at a St. Patrick’s Day party and I was wearing green!! I had a great time though. I hung out with my friend S, who I had had a falling out with last summer, and a couple of other friends. S and I made up. She apologized for what had happened. I was so happy to hear that. We had been very good friends, and one mistake turned into a huge ordeal.

The bar was packed with people. They had a tent in front with a band, and beer tubs and port-a-potties. Inside, you could barely move! It took me literally 15 minutes just to get a beer!

While I was there I ran into several old friends, including a guy I briefly dated in college that, after seeing him, I think I still have a crush on! He looked at first like he didn’t recognize me and then all of the sudden he did! I think he did a bit of a double take. I have lost some weight, and my hair is different now. But then his friend (my friend too) decided to go inside, and he had to go with him–or he wouldn’t be able to find him again! I will have to try to run into him again!

It was a fun night!


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