Adagio Rocks!

So about a week ago, I added a little link to my site…It’s ugly and stuck next to the Y’all Blog link…forgive me. That little link (or a link in a post, which I did as well) was suppose to get me an Adagio IngenuiTea. The IngenuiTea is a this nifty loose tea steeping device. I had always wanted to try loose teas, but had been a bit intimidated by the idea, and couldn’t find any loose tea to begin with. Heaven forbid a regular supermarket carried anything besides bagged teas.

But anyway, Adagio had a plan. They wanted to raise their ranking in google for the search term “teas”. They were lost somewhere in the nether regions of the Goo and needed links to improve there standing. So they are offering a promotion to people with websites. You link to them, they give you free stuff! Perfect! This is seriously marketing genius! Someone at Adagio understands the blogging world and its power for rapid-fire dissemination. Not only have they moved up to fourth in the ranking for “teas” but they are probably getting new customers left and right out of this! I know I will probably order some more tea from them! And everyone I have seen link to them has posted at least twice about them. Once to get the tea, and once to comment about having received the free stuff and how good it is. I can’t tell you how many times in my advertising classes I heard “word of mouth is the best form of advertising. If you can start a word of mouth campaign, you are golden…” Brilliant marketing!!! And incredibly inexpensive marketing too!

So now for what you were waiting for…I got my IngenuiTea and a sampler of loose teas!! YAY! It was on my front porch when I got home. Inside the box were two boxes. A little one with four tea tins inside, and a bigger one with the IngenuiTea. But the coolest part of opening it, is they WRAPPED the IngenuiTea with wrapping paper!! Cute little green paper with tea cups on it. And the box the teas came in had the matching pattern! It was like opening a present! AND, they sent a handwritten thank you note! I love that! So I tried the IngenuiTea, doing a trial run with just water, and then made some tea. Mango flavored tea to be specific. It was YUMMY! I hadn’t realized how bitter bag tea is until I had this! Totally different stuff! And the IngenuiTea is a very nifty item indeed! Loved it! I even brought it to work today to show off!

I think I may be a convert. Loose Teas! Here I come!!


2 responses to “Adagio Rocks!

  1. I got mine too!

  2. I really like the peppermint. I had to give the Fruit Medley to Lady Mac because I’m allergic to apples, but I’ll ask her to do a review as well.

    Plus…the ingenuTEA thing is just a fun toy…LOL.

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